Our Journey This Far..

Dedicated to creating a difference and restoring the balance on earth, Footprint was born. On this quest, I stumbled upon a simple concept of handmade paper made either from scrap paper or plant based waste material. This is not an unheard practice, but this idea was elevated by adding seeds to the paper. The goal is for every paper product you use, you have the choice to plant the paper in your home and watch it turn in to something edible or ornamental. Using these products, you would not only be eliminating one-time use paper products, but also help in reducing deforestation and support a group of farmers, artists and women who work collaboratively to strive towards organic farming. 
Footprint connects you - the buyer to the farmer who share a mutual goal of being environmentally conscious. This farm to table concept helps this Indian village to recycle farm plant waste into plantable seed paper and edible artifacts. Your everyday expressions such as saying Thanks or sending a greeting makes a larger environmental impact and spread awareness.
The seed paper concept helps you be the change.